Safety Policy

Here at Plushpaws - the soft toy superstore - we love soft toys, and we know that you do too! So safety is our top priority. Our commitment to product safety extends to every facet of development, from design to manufacturing.

European standard EN71 & CE/UKCA mark

We hope you already know that Plushpaws only supply the most original, quirky and innovative designs in the world, but we also want you to know that we take the greatest care possible to make sure you remain safe with the animals. Every design you see here is rigorously tested to EN71 parts 1,2 and 3. This means that unless a seperate warning hang tag is attached to your item, it is suitable for all children, aged 0-99... or over! All our animals have willingly participated in this challenge and bear the CE/UKCA mark as proof of their success in these tests.

Animal Behaviour

We house-train our animals with great care and then test them to make sure their future charges will come to no harm. So, if you have any problems with their behaviour, we want to know as a matter of urgency so we can revise their methods of construction or upbringing!

Care Instructions

Lots of Love.