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Bashful Penguin

Bashful Penguin£12.99  -  £18.49

Bashful Pug

Bashful Pug£18.49

Bashful Tiger

Bashful Tiger£18.49

Bashful Bee Soother

Bashful Bee Soother£17.99

Bashful Lion

Bashful Lion£18.49

Bashful Toucan

Bashful Toucan£19.99

Bashful Fudge Puppy

Bashful Fudge Puppy£12.99  -  £18.49

Bashful Seal

Bashful Seal£18.49

Bashful Spike Hedgehog

Bashful Spike Hedgehog£14.99  -  £19.99

Bashful Dragon

Bashful Dragon£13.49  -  £56.49

My Friend Dino Bamboo Bowl Set

My Friend Dino Bamboo Bowl Set£19.99

Bashful Marmot

Bashful Marmot£19.99

Bashful Fawn

Bashful Fawn£12.99  -  £18.49

Bashful Piglet

Bashful Piglet£12.99  -  £18.49

Bashful Otter

Bashful Otter£12.99  -  £18.49

Bashful Bee

Bashful Bee£12.99  -  £18.49

Bashful Cockatoo

Bashful Cockatoo£12.99  -  £18.49

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Page 1 of 3:    42 Items

Don't be fooled by Jellycat Bashfuls, these soft toys may be shy but they just love to be cuddled. No matter which is your favourite, from Lions to Llamas and from Donkeys to Dinosaurs, you'll find each one soft, scrumptious and exceedingly squeezable.

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Need Help?0845 226 2227