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Fraggle Rock - Boober Hand Puppet

Fraggle Rock - Boober Hand Puppet

Boober is Fraggle Rocks' cook and launderer, and has a penchant for singing the blues. He enjoys washing socks, however, Fraggles do not seem to use footwear most of the time. Boober is turquoise with orange hair, and always wears his hat and brown scarf. Boober is close friends with both Red and Wembley. Fraggles live a very carefree life, spending most of their time playing, exploring, and generally enjoying themselves. Fraggles live on a diet of vegetables, especially radishes and "doozer sticks", yummy. Great for story-telling and fun for the whole family.

Finished in super-soft plush.

Brand:  Fraggle Rock
Size:  25cm

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